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STUDENT:  Crismaré Swanepoel

PRACTICAL EXAM:  Advanced Applications

DATE: 25 March 2024

The pass marks are:

80% for Overlay Exams.
85% for Advanced Application Exams.

The Exam Total on mark sheets are 100 marks.
Students may loose no more than 20 marks for Overlay Exams and no more than 15 marks for Advanced Application Exams.

RESULTS for Crismaré Swanepoel:

Marks deducted:  27 = 73% 

The student is advised to focus on the following before booking for a follow-up exam:

Many of the lower curves are filed away too much at hyponychium and not rounded off smoothly with both gel application & seal work.
Sidewall application needs much perfecting as the application is uneven and exposes natural nail. This was the biggest mark deduction of her exam.  It seems the overlay application is more so the issue as opposed to the actual sculpting as identical imperfections were noted on the tip application (only yo a lesser extend).
Smoothness of final layer - the dip behind the french application is visible on some of the nails.
French smile line corners need more crisp and balanced points.
More attention needs to be given to the undernail area.

Student may attend a refresher workshop to address and improve/correct problematic areas as we need her to perform at a higher standard to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction in her salon.  Alternatively, just more practice until she is ready.

Educator:  Yolandi De Lange
Head of Education:  Tania Biddle
Invigilator:  Nannette Minnie

Province: Eastern Cape Coastal Region
Country:  South Africa

Thank you Chrismaré, we look forward to seeing those corrected areas. Do not hesistate to contact your educator for assistance.

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