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STUDENT:  Jorga Collins


DATE: 18 March 2024

Students should ideally achieve 95%+.  

The pass mark is 80% for Overlay exams.
Exam Total:  100 marks.
Should more than 20 marks be lost, the student is not yet ready to qualify.

RESULTS for Jorga Collins:

Marks deducted:  21.5 

The student is advised to focus on the following before booking for a follow-up exam:

French smile line, free edge shaping, smoothness of final layer, open sidewalls, balaning the upper arch.

Student may attend a refresher workshop to address and improve/correct problematic areas as we need her to perform at a higher standard to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction in her salon.  Alternatively, just more practice until she is ready.

Educator:  Yolandi De Lange
Head of Education:  Tania Biddle

Province: Eastern Cape Coastal
Country:  South Africa

Thank you Jorga, we look forward to seeing those corrected areas. Do not hesistate to contact your educator for assistance.


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