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•Please help us to protect our brand, by reporting illegal actions to your nearest Bio Sculpture Depot

•No non-Bio Sculpture product may be packed in or decanted into Bio Sculpture packaging

•No Bio Sculpture products may leave your country to a colleague or as a gift

•No buying or selling of Bio Sculpture products nationally or internationally is allowed other than by or from registered suppliers

•Stay in contact to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques that the industry has to offer. For longer lasting, better results follow the step by step in your training manuals

•Treatments should be priced accordingly on your treatment menu.

Clients and/or Technicians with sensitive skin, eczema, a history of cutaneous hypersensitivity, or who from time to time may suffer from any form of contact dermatitis or any form of allergic reaction similar to the reactions and/or symptoms associated with the aforesaid conditions, however not limited thereto, may suffer an allergic reaction to and/ or experience discomfort with the use of Bio Sculpture Products.


The Client and/or Technician is therefore alerted to the fact that the use of or contact with Bio Sculpture Products, whether intentional or accidental, is at the Client and/or Technician’s own risk, and Bio Sculpture cannot be held liable or responsible for any discomfort or reaction suffered as contemplated in this paragraph. Clients with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies may want to consider a regular manicure rather than a gel overlay.

Please view conta-indications (to treatments) in your manual.

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